Scheduled Maintenance

Dependable Scheduled Maintenance Service

Getting Scheduled Maintenance done is one of the best methods to keep your vehicle in top-notch shape every day you use it. Manufacturers recommend getting this service done at different intervals, so it’s important to get it done regularly. It also keeps your vehicle’s warranties intact, so it’s best not to ignore this valuable service. As everyone knows, catching problems when they’re small and early is easier and saves you money and time. Some of the worst auto problems start small such as a crack or tear. If problems aren’t found and allowed to grow they start to impact other parts which quickly causes more issues. Regular inspection during maintenance helps catch these early. Stop by Rosemount BP Service Center today to have ASE certified technicians with over 40 years of experience maintain your vehicle with the quality and care we’re known for.

  • Over 40 Years Of Automotive Experience
  • Knowledgeable ASE Certified Technicians
  • Top Quality Diagnostic Equipment & Parts
  • Free Towing, Pick-up & Delivery Service
  • 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty*
  • See store for details

The staff listens well and is friendly. They get my car needs taken care of efficiently and are helpful in keeping me informed of the overall condition of my vehicle.