Drive Axle and CV

Quality Drive Axle and CV Service

As the miles pile up on your vehicle, things begin to need more and more service and attention. Major systems and stronger components last longer than their routinely replaced counterparts, but even long lasting parts have a timeline. Your drive axle and cv joints/boots are one such example. These parts outlast many of the others in most vehicles, some people never have to replace them while they own a vehicle. When they do start to go bad, you need a reputable shop with more than just a few years of experience. Drive axle and cv joints are responsible for lossless transfer of power to the drive wheels and if they become compromised you’re looking at an accident. Even if the rubber shroud around the CV joint is torn, it’s time to come in. This protective boot keeps the joint itself clean and safe. No matter what you drive, or how old it is, there’s only one choice for the area’s best drive axle and cv joint assembly service; BP Service Center.

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The staff listens well and is friendly. They get my car needs taken care of efficiently and are helpful in keeping me informed of the overall condition of my vehicle.