Vehicle Inspection

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Today’s car have gotten very complex in their design such that the average driver can feel overwhelmed when trying to figure anything out. Systems such as the engine require advanced computer equipment to fully diagnosis, let alone the hundreds of other systems and moving parts that need to work together to keep your car in running condition. In order to get the information needed about all these working systems, you need a thorough Vehicle Inspection. This inspection allows technicians to look at the many aspects of your car and find any issues or problem areas. They can get a good understanding of the state your vehicle is in and recommended any services you should get to keep your car healthy. Stop by or schedule an appointment with Rosemount BP Service Center today to have our ASE certified technicians with over 40 years of experience give your vehicle a quality inspection.

  • Over 40 Years Of Automotive Experience
  • Knowledgeable ASE Certified Technicians
  • Top Quality Diagnostic Equipment & Parts
  • Free Towing, Pick-up & Delivery Service
  • 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty*
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The staff listens well and is friendly. They get my car needs taken care of efficiently and are helpful in keeping me informed of the overall condition of my vehicle.